Human Evil

Moral consciousness (knowledge of good and evil) is an important part of the classical conception of human evil. The Human Evil Project tries to determine what the function of moral consciousness is in the perpetration of international crimes on the basis of legal, ethical, historical, psychological and criminological research.


  • Klaas Rozemond

Key publications:

  • Rozemond, Klaas. ‘De complexiteit van het kwaad. Een kritische lezing van Hannah Arendts Eichmann in Jerusalem’, The Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy 2012, nr. 1, p. 63-82.
  • Rozemond, Klaas. ‘Beccaria’s Dream on Criminal Law and Nodal Governance’, in J. Blad, P. van Calster, M. Hildebrandt, M. Schuilenburg en K. Rozemond (red), Governing Security under the Rule of Law, The Hague: Eleven International Publishing 2010,  p. 37-51.
  • Rozemond, Klaas. ‘De droom van Beccaria. Over het strafrecht en de nodale veiligheidszorg’, Rechtsfilosofie & Rechtstheorie 2010, nr.2, p. 158-175.

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