Corporations and International Crimes

Corporations often contribute significantly to the commission of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. The Corporations and International Crimes project aims at developing a theoretical framework for corporate involvement in (historical as well as contemporary) international crimes and test if the theoretically relevant variables are able to explain why some corporations become involved in international crimes while others do not.


  • Prof. Wim Huisman (project leader)
  • Annika van Baar (Assistant Professor University College Groningen)

Key publication(s):

  • Baar, A. van & Huisman, W. (2012) The Oven Builders of the Holocaust. A Case Study of Corporate Complicity in International Crimes. British Journal of Criminology 52(6), p. 1033-1050.
  • Huisman, W. (2010) Business as Usual? Corporate involvement in international crimes. Eleven International Publishing.
  • Huisman, W. & Sliedregt, E. van (2010). Rogue Traders: Dutch Businessmen, International Crimes and Corporate Complicity. Journal of International Criminal Justice 8(3), 803-828.

For more information on the project contact: Annika van Baar

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