ICLC seminars (by invitation only)

The Center organizes a biweekly International Criminal Law and Criminology seminar, during which CICJ researchers either present their own work or discuss important current developments and case law. On occasion, we welcome guest speakers to present and discuss their research.

Below you will find a selection of past seminars as well as upcoming seminars insofar confirmed. If you are interested in presenting at an ICLC seminar, please contact Elinor Fry.

Upcoming 2016-2017:

  • t.b.a.

Seminars winter/spring 2016:

  • Kate van Doore (Griffith University, Australia): Orphanage Tourism
  • Dr. Yvonne McDermott (Bangor Law School): Analysis of Evidence in International Criminal Trials
  • Juan Pablo Cardona (Dirección de Justicia Transicional, Colombia): Corporate Accountability and Transitional Justice
  • Emma Irving (University of Amsterdam): The obstacles to relocation post-conviction/acquittal (ICC)
  • Maarten Bolhuis and Joris van Wijk (CICJ): Identifying jihadism in the immigration process
  • Lily Rueda Guzman (CICJ): Colombia and the ICC

Past seminars (2011-2015):

  • Professor Willem de Haan (VU): Involvement of Dutch multinational corporations in crimes against humanity in Argentina in the 1970s: The cases of Shell, Philips and AKZO
  • Professor Mark Drumbl (Washington & Lee University): The Legacy of the Supreme National Tribunal of Poland
  • Elinor Fry (CICJ): The Contours of International Prosecutions
  • Nicole Siller (Groningen University): The crime of ‘trafficking in persons’ and international criminal law
  • Kelly Pitcher (University of Amsterdam): Remedies for procedural violations in international criminal proceedings
  • Lachezar Yanev (Tilburg University): Between Myths and Facts: The Customary Status of JCE III Liability
  • Dr. Barbora Hola (CICJ): Early release at the international criminal tribunals
  • Dr. Sergey Vasiliev (CICJ): Reparative justice for victims at the ICC
  • Annika van Baar (CICJ): Corporate involvement in crimes of Apartheid
  • Professor Kevin Jon Heller (SOAS): What is an international crime?
  • Dr. Joris van Wijk (CICJ): Life after acquittal by the ICT’s
  • Alexandra Popova (CICJ): The purpose requirement of aiding and abetting
  • Marjolein Cupido (CICJ): Facts Matter: A Study into the Casuistry of Substantive International Criminal Law
  • Cassandra Steer (University of Amsterdam): Translating Guilt: Identifying Leadership Liability for Mass Atrocity Crimes
  • Alexandra Popova (CICJ): The Origins of Aiding and Abetting in ICL
  • Elinor Fry (CICJ): Remedying Defective Indictments: The Limits of Amending and Recharacterizing
  • Koen Vriend (University of Amsterdam): Evidence of contextual elements in Dutch and international criminal proceedings
  • Professor James Meernik (Castleberry Peace Institute, University of North Texas): Judicial Voting Behavior at the Appeals Chambers of
  • the International Tribunals
  • Sander Wirken (University of Amsterdam): Guatemala: CICIG, Claudia Paz y Paz and the genocide case
  • Nesam McMillan (University of Melbourne): Imagining the International: Crime, Justice and Community on the Global Stage
  • Damien Scalia (Université Saint-Louis Bruxelles): Legitimacy of International Criminal Tribunals: a perspective of the accused
  • Alexandra Popova (CICJ): the Charles Taylor appeals judgment
  • Magali Bobbio (ICC): Corporations and Crimes Against Humanity in Argentina
  • Barbora Hola & Jessica Kelder (CICJ): Life after conviction
  • Professor Elies van Sliedregt (CICJ): aiding and abetting (specific direction)
  • Professor Sarah Joseph (Monash University): Protracted Lawfare: The Tale of Chevron Texaco in the Amazon
  • Dr. Christina DeJong (Michigan State University): Male Rape and Transitional Context: A Comparison of War Rape and Prison Rape
  • Krit Zeegers (University of Amsterdam): The Impact of International Human Rights Law on International Criminal Procedure
  • Dr. Ayşe Gül Altınay (Sabanci University of Istanbul): Who Is a Survivor in a Genocide? The Gendered Silencing of Islamized Armenian Survivors in Turkey
  • Professor Caroline Fournet (University of Groningen): ¿Dónde están? – Between Crimes against Humanity and Genocide: A Legal Analysis of Enforced Disappearances in Argentina
  • Sergey Vasiliev (CICJ): Unraveling SCSL Justice Sow’s Riddle
  • Dr. Joris van Wijk & Maarten Bolhuis (CICJ): Rwandan Genocidaires in the Netherlands
  • Professor Willem de Haan (CICJ): Knowing What We Know Now: International Crimes in Historical Perspective
  • Elinor Fry (CICJ): Lubanga and the Use of Intermediaries
  • Dr. Barbora Hola (CICJ): Charles Taylor: Judgment and Sentencing
  • Marjolein Cupido (CICJ): Co-Perpetration in the Lubanga Judgment
  • Marieke de Hoon (CICJ): How Senegal Violated the CAT by not Extraditing Habré, and the Creation of the “Extraordinary African Chambers”
  • Professor Nancy Combs (William and Mary Law School): Fact-Finding Without Facts