Summer School

International crimes and gross human rights violations pose a threat to international peace and security and call for effective action. An effective response, however, is often hampered by of a lack of knowledge on the true nature and etiology of international crimes. Acquiring such knowledge is essential when designing effective measures and interventions to prevent and stop these crimes. Such knowledge must be multi- and interdisciplinary, but few academics and professionals working within the field are actually trained for such an undertaking.

This Summer School on International Criminal Justice, organised and coordinated by CICJ staff, aims to create a better understanding of the complex nature of international crimes, its perpetrators and the reaction by the international community. By taking an interdisciplinary approach, students examine the juridical and empirical sides of these mass atrocities and by combining theory, interactive discussions and visits to the International Criminal Tribunals in The Hague students will quickly develop a basic understanding of the most important issues concerning international criminal justice.

Student experiences

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course and I wish that it was a year-long course. I have learnt so  much and met so many amazing people and made a lot of connections.” (2019)

“I learned a lot about myself and about international criminal justice. Meeting and working with people from all over the world was an amazing experience as well.” (2018)

“This summer school has made me more passionate about the field of justice than my three years of study has. I especially liked how diverse the group of students is.” (2017)

“This course was fantastic and very enjoyable. It was taught very well from a range of disciplines, but was not overwhelming in the volume of content. The excursions were particularly enjoyable and very well-organised. They gave a great practical insight into the content and a very unique view of criminal justice.” (2017)

“This in whole was probably my favorite academic course. Although I am not studying law, it is a subject of incredible interest. The course structure was impeccable. The variety of backgrounds of the instructors, the passion apparent in all of them, the relevant and intriguing excursions, in summation it was great! I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to everyone, law students or not.” (2016)

Summer school in 2021

Unfortunately, due to the current restrictions in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic, this summer school cannot be held on campus and will therefore not take place; it is not offered online. We hope to welcome you in 2022. Check the latest information here.

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Summer school students visit the ICC (2016, © CICJ)