Internships / CICJ Research Lab

CICJ’s researchers regularly recruit research assistants for academic research at the Center. Moreover, CICJ’s extensive network in the professional field enables us to help students obtain internships at relevant institutions in The Hague, for instance the International Criminal Court or the International Criminal Tribunal of the Former Yugoslavia.

Please note that until further notice internships at the Center are reserved for students from our Faculty’s master programmes. For more information on internship possibilities, please contact Joris van Wijk.

CICJ Research Lab

The CICJ regularly recruits research assistants who assist in the academic research at the Center. Current and past Research Lab assistants include:

  • Jamika Jorge-Petit
  • Lisanne Evenhuis
  • Isabella Regan
  • Julia Litzkow
  • Kirsten van den Akker
  • Celline Cole
  • Aurora Jeanroy
  • Marie Steinbrecher

Research lab projects

Wildlife Crime and International Crimes: Ivory Trade and Militias in Central Africa
The Central African geographical area covers several countries in which armed groups known to have committed international crimes and other gross human rights violations operate, most importantly the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), the Janjaweed militia and the Seleka. Recently, several reports have emerged stating that these three groups partly finance themselves through poaching activities and ivory trade. The 2014 Interpol & UNEP report concludes that the likely annual income from ivory to militias in the entire Sub-Saharan region is estimated to range from USD 4.0 to 12.2 million.  However, little academic literature has been produced on that subject. This explorative empirical project aims to shed further light on the involvement of the LRA, Janjaweed and Seleka in elephant poaching and on the extent to which their involvement in wildlife crime generates their income to finance their activities.  

The project is one of the projects conducted within the CICJ Research Lab and conducted in cooperation with the Netherlands Institute of The Study of Crime and Law Enforcement (NSCR). Interns are Celline Cole, Aurora Jeanroy and Marie Steinbrecher. Under supervision of Andrew Lemieux (NSCR), Catrien Bijleveld (NSCR) and Barbora Hola (VU).