Internships / CICJ Research Lab

CICJ’s researchers regularly recruit research assistants for academic research at the Center. Moreover, CICJ’s extensive network in the professional field enables us to help students obtain internships at relevant institutions in The Hague, for instance the International Criminal Court or the International Criminal Tribunal of the Former Yugoslavia.

Please note that until further notice internships at the Center are reserved for students from our Faculty’s master programmes. For more information on internship possibilities, please contact Joris van Wijk.

CICJ research lab

The CICJ regularly recruits research assistants who assist in the academic research at the Center. Current and past Research Lab assistants include:

  • Suzanne Groen
  • Janek Gulbis
  • Helena Kreiensiek
  • Hajer M’tiri
  • Matthias Mohrs
  • Hossein Mojtahedi
  • Maaike van de Vorst
  • Luna Yperman
  • Eszter Boldis
  • Marieke Bremmers
  • Laura Jiminez
  • Andrew Kennedy
  • Xiao Mao
  • Zoi Pisourika
  • Rebecca Pol
  • Indigo Uriz Martinez
  • Jamika Jorge-Petit
  • Lisanne Evenhuis
  • Isabella Regan
  • Julia Litzkow
  • Kirsten van den Akker
  • Celline Cole
  • Aurora Jeanroy
  • Marie Steinbrecher

Research lab projects


  • Corporate involvement in international crimes
  • Domestic prosecution of foreign fighters
  • ‘In limbo’


  • Corporate involvement in international crimes
  • Re-socializing former foreign fighters
  • Helping to protect: R2P and the ICC in Colombia
  • Child soldiers, international crimes and sentencing: in between victims and perpetrators
  • Legacies of violence: second-generation conflict-affected youth in Belgium and the Netherlands


  • Wildlife Crime and International Crimes: Ivory Trade and Militias in Central Africa
  • Identifying jihadism in the Dutch asylum process
  • ‘In limbo’