Below you will find a list of people currently conducting research at the CICJ. An overview of the research projects they are working on can be found at  the Research & Publications page.

Anzovino, Francesca Lecturer criminal law
Baar, Annika van Assistant Professor criminology
Bijleveld, Catrien Professor of Research Methods in criminology
Bolhuis, Maarten Assistant Professor criminology
Bruïne, Gabi de PhD Candidate criminology
Chlevickaite, Gabriele Assistant Professor criminology
Corrias, Luigi Assistant Professor philosophy of law
Dirksen, Lisette PhD Candidate criminology
Drenk, Dylan PhD Candidate criminology
Haan, Willem de Senior Research Fellow criminology
Hirsch Ballin, Marianne Professor criminal law and criminal procedural law
Holá, Barbora Associate Professor criminology
Huisman, Wim Professor criminology
Mayans Hermida, Beatriz PhD Candidate criminology
Mojtahedi, Hossein PhD Candidate criminology
Regan, Isabella Lecturer/Researcher criminology
Rodermond, Elanie Assistant Professor criminology
Rozemond, Klaas Associate Professor criminal law
Rueda, Lily PhD Candidate criminology
Rijst, Tessa van der PhD Candidate criminal law
Stuifbergen, Jantien Lecturer and PhD Candidate criminology
Veraart, Wouter Professor legal philosophy
Vredeveldt, Annelies Associate Professor criminology
Weerdesteijn, Maartje Assistant Professor criminology
Whitehead, Eva Assistant Professor criminology
Wijk, Joris van Associate Professor criminology
Yanev, Lachezar Assistant Professor international criminal law