Seminar ‘Iraq’s New Cycle of Radicalization; Cause for Alarm?’ 16 March

Despite references to a ‘post-IS’ era, the territorial defeat of Islamic State does not mean that its radical ideas and solutions have been buried in the pages of history. In fact, there are reasons to believe that IS merely changed its tactics and strategies and still fosters an underground network of sleeper cells and dormant sympathizers. Arguably, Iraq and Syria’s post-IS landscape even creates new push and pull factors for radicalization.

In this seminar we will explore whether, and to what extent, a new cycle of radicalization is currently taking place and how local and international actors should deal with it.

Tuesday 16 March, 13:00-15:00 CET


  • Hassan Hassan: Editor in Chief of Newlines Magazine, Director of Human Security Unit of the Newlines Institute for Strategy and Policy and co-author of New York Times bestseller ‘ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror’.
  • Andrea Plebani: Research Fellow at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC), member of the commission convened by the Italian government to assess the threat stemming from radicalization and jihadist extremism.
  • Hafsa Halawa: Independent political and development consultant, nonresident scholar at the Middle East Institute in the United States.
  • Christian Vianna De Azevedo: Federal agent and research fellow in the field of counterterrorism at the Federal Police Academy/Brazil, research fellow in Middle East and North Africa with the International Relations Department at the Pontifical Catholic University.

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