Master students start working on CICJ Research Lab projects

This year, CICJ has recruited eight students from the master programme on International Crimes and Criminology to assist in academic research that is carried out at the Center in the context of the CICJ Research Lab. They are Eszter Boldis, Marieke Bremmers, Laura Jiminez, Andrew Kennedy, Xiao Mao, Zoi Pisourika, Rebecca Pol and Indigo Uriz Martinez.

These students will assist in five projects carried out by CICJ researchers, on ‘Corporate involvement in international crimes’, ‘Re-socializing former foreign fighters’, ‘Helping to protect: R2P and the ICC in Colombia’, ‘Child soldiers, international crimes and sentencing: in between victims and perpetrators’ and ‘Legacies of violence: second-generation conflict-affected youth in Belgium and the Netherlands’.

By participating in these research projects, students can get familiar with doing academic research and possibly get inspiration for their thesis projects.