RLI and CICJ present report ‘Undesirable and Unreturnable?’

CICJ researchers Joris van Wijk and Maarten Bolhuis, together with colleagues David Cantor and Sarah Singer from the Refugee Law Initiative, recently presented the report that resulted from two network meetings in the context of the ‘Undesirable and Unreturnable?’ project in Brussels and Geneva.

The project ‘Undesirable and Unreturnable?’ brings together a network of academics, policy-makers and policy bodies to stimulate new cross-boundary debate on the challenges posed to national and international public policy by excluded asylum-seekers and other migrants who are suspected of serious criminality but cannot be removed from the territory of a host State.

While there are different short-term policy responses to the issue, a considerable group of these individuals will always remain in legal limbo, sometimes for many years. A coherent solution is currently lacking, as is guidance on how to deal with this group of persons. Building upon two network meetings with academics and practitioners, the report defines the problem, describes current state responses and explores possibilities of future policy solutions.

The report is available here. It was presented to the European Migration Network in Brussels on 16 September and at an event hosted by the Intergovernmental Consultations on migration, asylum and refugees (IGC) in Geneva on 27 September.

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This project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.