Guest lecture dr. James Simeon on the application of 1F in Canada

On 26 March, dr. James C. Simeon, Director of the School of Public Policy and Administration (York University, Toronto), will give a guest lecture on the application and interpretation of Article 1F of the Refugee Convention in Canada. On the basis of this article, asylum seekers who are associated with international crimes or other serious criminality are excluded from refugee protection.

In the last several years, the Supreme Court of Canada has outlined, the meaning of Article 1F in a series of precedential judgments. In this presentation Dr. Simeon will analyze the most relevant recent judgments in an effort to distill the state of the law in Canada as it pertains to exclusion under Article 1F. It will conclude by noting whether Article 1F is being applied and interpreted in accordance with the UNHCR’s Guidelines on International Protection, The Application of the Exclusion Clauses (September 2003).

The lecture takes place from 13.00-15.30 hrs in 1A-49, Initium Building. You are most welcome to attend this guest lecture. Please inform Joris van Wijk in advance (