Academic Meets Practitioner: winter 2013 edition

The first Academic Meets Practitioner session will take place Thursday November 7th at the VU’s Law Faculty. The CICJ researchers will meet with Maarten van der Vlugt from the Landelijk Parket, the branch of the Dutch Public Prosecution that is responsible for the domestic prosecution of international crimes. Recently, this prosecution unit has conducted complex and successful prosecutions against, for example, Frans van Anraat in relation to atrocities committed in Iraq and Yvonne Basebya for her participation in the Rwandan genocide in 1994. At the same time, however, they still encounter a lot of practical problems (relating to, for instance, conduct of efficient investigations in far-away countries or witness questioning during a trial ). Maarten will give a presentation on the current developments and challenges this branch is facing and will discuss possibilities for future cooperation with the CICJ researchers.