Mr Jacco Janssen, senior judge at the Rotterdam District Court. Photo: CICJ.

Fighting piracy in the 21ste century: lessons from the Netherlands

On 23 April, CICJ organised a seminar (in Dutch), entitled ‘Fighting piracy in the 21ste century: lessons from the Netherlands’. An interdisciplinary audience received a broad and thorough overview of the different perspectives on fighting modern-day piracy and the dilemmas that this brings up. The first speaker, Professor Louis Sicking of VU University, introduced the…

'Naibzay has to stay'

CICJ hosts workshop on ‘undesirable and unreturnable’ migrants on 27 March

On Friday 27 March, CICJ will host a first (closed) workshop at VU University as part of an international project called ‘Undesirable and unreturnable? Policy challenges around excluded asylum-seekers and migrants suspected of serious criminality but who cannot be removed’. This two-year project is a joint initiative of VU University’s CICJ and London University’s Refugee…

Court greyscale

International Criminal Court not biased against Africa

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has been heavily criticized for its selection of situations and cases to investigate; it allegedly focuses too much on African countries. On the basis of empirical data researchers of VU University Amsterdam and Tilburg University have concluded that this criticism is unfounded. They analyzed which countries witnessed the worst human…