'Naibzay has to stay'

CICJ hosts workshop on ‘Undesirable and unreturnable’ migrants on 27 March

On Friday 27 March, CICJ will host a first (closed) workshop at VU University as part of an international project called ‘Undesirable and unreturnable? Policy challenges around excluded asylum-seekers and migrants suspected of serious criminality but who cannot be removed’. This two-year project is a joint initiative of VU University’s CICJ and London University’s Refugee…

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Interpreting “for the purpose of facilitating” in Article 25(3)(c)?

[cross-posted at http://jamesgstewart.com/] By Elies van Sliedregt and Alexandra Popova – The starting point in this discussion was whether the reference to “purpose” in Article 25(3)(c) requires a volitional commitment to the criminal outcome (to the consummated offence). This translated to the question: does the aider/abettor need to share the principal’s intent, or might something…


The Victims’ Court and the Promise of Restorative Justice

[cross-posted at www.postconflictjustice.com] By Sergey Vasiliev – Pernicious fallacy of the ICC’s ‘restorative mandate’ The ICC’s legal framework is progressive in that it offers victims a ‘full menu’ of entitlements previously unseen in international criminal justice, including participation, legal representation, reparations, protection, and assistance. The ICC is proudly positioned as the ‘victims’ court’ by its…